You've been reading a lot about the high-roller publishing deals for superstar catalog. But what about the songwriters whose work doesn't command the massive checks and splashy headlines? Well, Royalty Exchange has created Direct Listings, an avenue for creators to offer their work or a portion thereof (writer's share, producer's share, etc.) via a dedicated portal. The seller of said copyright(s) submits to the RE marketplace, lists a target price and can review offers as they come in. The company has produced this handy-dandy video to explain the process.

Royalty Exchange claims Direct Listings should offer the 99% of songwriters, producers and other creators an opportunity to benefit from the catalog boom, even if their work doesn't attract the large deals for which RE is known.

"I'm always interested in disruptive platforms, and Royalty Exchange is disrupting the status quo in a way that's empowering to all artists," notes Royal Exchange partner Anthony Martini. "Speaking of which, anybody mind if I disrupt these nachos?"