Sources close to the process say the deal between Casey Wasserman and Paradigm’s music agency is essentially done, with closing expected before the final ballots are cast in the November election. Rumor has it that Marty Diamond, Tom Windish, Sara Bollwinkel, Jon Levine, Sam Hunt, Lee Anderson and other key agents are all now on board.

Financing, as we reported previously, came in part from Tom Gores, with sources indicating several other money people are also involved. The intricately structured deal required complex negotiations with key Paradigm agents, who are said to be enthused not only to have an ownership piece in the new structure but also to be working with Wasserman, whose agency cred, hands-on approach and not inconsiderable charm are said to have been a decided factor in the outcome. One insider says that several players from other agencies have reached out to explore the possibility of joining the new entity.

Who else will be part of the new agency’s team? How will its structure differ from the traditional model? How do you smoke a cigar through a mask? We’ll furnish answers to at least some of these questions as they become available.