Sony Music chief Rob Stringer has enlisted his company in the process of determining how best to respond to the present crisis of injustice; in two emails obtained by HITS, Stringer offered support to his team and discussed developing a plan of action to support positive change. "I am working with a leadership team to develop a plan" for such change, he writes, noting that while Sony represents music that shifts the culture, it also "as a large corporation... can provide scale to any path we choose to influence."

While Sony will observe Blackout Tuesday, the move "should not just be a day off," writes Stringer, who promises "constant" communication. The complete emails appear below.

From: Rob Stringer Sent: Friday, May 29, 2020 10:16 PM ET Subject: Response

I understand how emotional and difficult the last few days have been in this country watching events unfold that all of us are disgusted and frightened by.

Many of you have phoned or emailed me to discuss what we can say or do as a company in reaction. We are obviously going to respond but actions are louder than words. I am working with our leadership team to develop a plan that can cover multiple areas of both short-term and long-term activity where our company can be more effective in changing our society for the better.

We are ambassadors for an art form that is empowering, healing and lifts the world and that is an incredible tool. But, as a large corporation with thousands of people we can also provide scale to any path we choose to influence.

If you have ideas or thoughts, please share them with your leaders so we can discuss ways to help move this process along at a dynamic pace.

Thank you,


Following my note on Friday I am grateful for the ideas and suggestions so far as to how we can affect change both in the short term and long term. In the short term, we will be rolling out a company donation policy to relevant organizations and causes throughout this week.

As a company, we will observe Blackout Tuesday. However, we are still determining the best ways to approach Tuesday. It should not just be a day off as it needs to be more meaningful than that.

I cannot stress enough that we are hourly and daily focusing on the issues and actions needed by our company that will hopefully turn in to more positive change for years to come.

Communication to you will be constant.