Live Nation chief Michael Rapino has released a statement regarding the current climate of violence and unrest.

As a company our goal is to bring people together to celebrate music and culture. We cannot only be here for the celebrations, we also have to show up during challenging times. There are great injustices impacting communities of color now more than ever and we are striving to be part of the solution.

The music industry and our company are incredibly diverse communities, but it’s not enough to practice equality in our own lives, we also have to fight racism. There’s no single initiative that can solve systemic racism. It will take collective, and consistent action. And today Live Nation is doubling down on our commitment to do more.

First, anyone feeling isolation or pain, please know we want to help create safe spaces for you to process, grieve, and express your feelings. Please email HR and let us know how we can support you and your well-being during this time.

In solidarity with our industry, we are joining in the Music Industry Blackout this coming Tuesday, June 2. Take this as an opportunity to help promote accountability and change by disconnecting with work and reconnecting with our community. Please join in and encourage your teams and networks to do the same.

Moving forward, we will be exploring ways to leverage our platforms to share black voices and stories on the world stage. Acknowledging truth and empowering perspective on an ongoing basis is vital for progress, but also just the first step of many. We cannot be complacent and need to stand up and fight against white supremacy.

To put some immediate action behind our commitment, today Live Nation is making a donation to the Equal Justice Initiative. And tomorrow and every day that follows we will continue to stand with the black community.

I’m the first to admit I don’t have all the answers, which is why this has to be an ongoing dialog. So please reach out to me with questions, comments, feedback and ideas.