As Women's History Month draws to a close on 3/31, Taylor Swift has taken over Spotify's Amplify: Women's History Month playlist, guest-curating a sonic journey of songs by women that paved the musical roadmap of her life.

Of the playlist, Taylor said: “At the end of Women’s History Month, I wanted to make a playlist of songs and artists who made music that became the soundtrack to my life for a time, a phase, endless rides on the school bus, getting my license and driving around alone, screaming into a hairbrush and deciding ultimately that I wanted to make music too. I see these women as my faraway mentors, who taught me how music can really make someone’s life easier and more magical. These female professors guided me melodically, lyrically, spiritually and emotionally without even knowing it. And though I haven’t met most of these women, I will forever be grateful to them.”

The playlist features artists like Michelle Branch, Dixie Chicks, Jewel, TLC, Paramore, Tracy Chapman, Shakira, Carly Simon and more. See the full track list below.

The Amplify: Women’s History Month playlist, which was updated by various artists throughout the month of March, serves to commemorate female artists, from legends who paved the way, to trending up-and-comers who aren’t afraid to take a stand. Check it out here.