After much online buzz, Donald Glover's new album, which is also a Childish Gambino album, depending on how you consume it, has arrived.

If you listen to it in continuous-play mode at DonaldGloverPresents, it's a Donald Glover album. If you play it in the traditional track-by-track version, it's a Childish album. See? Everybody's happy. In any case, 3.15.20 dropped at midnight PT on 3/22 via Wolf + Rothstein/RCA.

The Gambino edition is #3 at Apple Music, and he has four tracks in the Apple Music Top 40: “Time,” “12:38,” “Algorhythm” and “0.00.”

Ariana Grande and 21 Savage are among the featured guests. Most of the 12 songs have numerical titles; perhaps that'll be explained at some point.

Check it out here and, well, you tell us.