On the occasion of K-Pop troupe SuperM's Hollywood extravaganza at Capitol HQ, label boss Steve Barnett and team members posed for this dynamic group shot. Later, the Korean visitors marveled at such local sights as a guy dresssed as Spiderman putting a wad of bills in his undies and Chewbacca sucking on a vape. The group's self-titled EP is out now. Seen hoping they don't stray too close to our offices are SuperM members with Caroline's Leslie Cooper, CMG COO Michelle Jubelirer, SM Entertainment's Soo Man Lee, Barnett, Caroline chief Jacqueline Saturn, SM Entertainment MD Dominique Rodriguez and Head of A&R Chris Lee.

Among the many big reveals at the gathering: the formerly seven-lad band is now an octet, with the addition of new member Ashley Newton, aka "the English-y one."Seen before assaying some of Frank Sinatra's best-known hits in the original Korean are (l-r) Capitol Music Group Prexy Newton, SuperM, Caroline Prez Jacqueline Saturn, SM Entertainment's Soo Man-Lee, CMG COO Michelle Jubelirer, Caroline EVP Matt Sawin and CMG EVP Promo Greg Marella.

Our spies tell us that during the Q&A, member Mark noted that bandmate Baekhyun doesn't need to dance to memorize choreography routines, as he can learn them just by watching. We're told the same is true of Barnett.

The Capitol tower has been blinking "SuperM" in Morse code of late and flying a band banner; meanwhile, a pop-up store at Hollywood and LaBrea has attracted a throng of fans and lines around the block.