Back row: Jessie Winkler, Lindsay Arrington, Steve Gagliano, Kristin Wenning;
front row: Dominic Chaklos, Sarah Scott,  Dina LaPolt, Sabrina Ment, Danielle Price

LaPolt Law, P.C.
is a boutique law firm specializing in intellectual-property and entertainment law. The firm’s mission is to create a reputable, artistic, resourceful and dynamic environment focused on assisting clients in running their entertainment-related businesses as well as being a conduit, on their behalf, to the entertainment industry at large.

Led by owner Dina LaPolt, the firm has been in the headlines as of late, leading the fight to pass the Music Modernization Act, along with joining 21 Savage’s legal team—LaPolt jumped into action to organize an immigration team to help free the rapper while he was detained by ICE.

Attorneys and staff at LaPolt Law enjoy a stimulating and creative environment that, combined with a passion for music and the arts, results in durable and long-lasting client business relationships. Both professional and relaxed, the creative culture of LaPolt Law strives to embrace all its attorneys and staff equally. There is an inherent understanding of each person’s role and contribution within the firm. Respect for the varied experiences of each member is paramount to the firm’s ability to be of service to a diverse client roster. The firm encourages all its members to step forward with new ideas so that LaPolt Law can stand out among the rest.

< Dina LaPolt
John F. Kennedy University School of Law
As owner of LaPolt Law, P.C., Dina represents numerous high-profile creative clients. The elite music attorney is an expert at strategizing and solving complex legal and business issues, and is intimately involved in legislative advocacy, co-founding the Songwriters of North America (SONA) and helping spearhead the passage of the MMA. Notably, Dina was honored as MIDEM’s 2018 Top Lawyer, was named a 2018 Executive of the Year for Billboard’s Women in Music issue and received the Service Award from the Recording Academy’s 2019 Entertainment Law Initiative.

Sarah Scott>
Western University School of Law
The Managing Attorney of LaPolt Law, Sarah represents a score of globally recognized recording artists, celebrities and entertainers in all their negotiations. Prior to joining LaPolt, Sarah held roles as head of Business Affairs for Universal Music Canada for over a decade and as Vice President of Music Affairs for Sony Pictures. She brings a sterling reputation, along with a wealth of inside label and studio expertise, to help her clients get the best deals in the business.

Sabrina Ment
Sabrina negotiates and drafts various agreements relating to all areas in music, merchandising and fashion, book publishing, motion pictures and television, as well as aiding music-biz execs with the negotiation of their employment agreements. Other areas of expertise include due diligence in connection with copyright and trademark acquisitions, liaising with outside trademark and corporate counsel on client branding matters and supporting outside litigation counsel in such areas as copyright and trademark infringement, violations of the California Talent Agencies Act and misappropriation of name and likeness.

Kristin Wenning
Pepperdine University School of Law
Kristin handles a wide array of 
entertainment and business transactions, including the negotiation and drafting of merchandising, sponsorship and endorsement, music publishing, recording and touring agreements. She has extensive experience in the music-publishing field and was involved last year with the final passing of the Orrin G. Hatch-Bob Goodlatte Music Modernization Act.

Jessie Winkler
Southwestern Law School
Jessie handles various music business-related agreements as well as matters relating to new media, film and television. She also assists clients with brand management, development and protection and is actively involved in advocacy efforts on behalf of creators and women in the music industry.

Danielle Price
Pepperdine University School of Law
Danielle oversees the firm’s urban and black music division as well as handling matters for the firm’s urban-leaning pop artists, producers, and music-industry executives. Additionally, she negotiates brand deals relating to new-media and social-media influencers and supports outside counsel with respect to trademark, criminal, immigration and litigation matters.

Dominic Chaklos
Santa Clara University School of Law
Dominic handles matters specifically relating to electronic and dance music, residency performances, independent labels, new media, influencers, sponsorships, endorsements and social media. He also helps clients to make informed decisions regarding business development and brand management.

Lindsay Arrington
USC Gould School of Law
Lindsay works primarily on matters relating to electronic and rock music, independent labels, merchandising, endorsement and social-media influencers.

Steve Gagliano
Pepperdine University School of Law
Steve’s practice focuses on day-to-day business transactions within pop and hip-hop, as well as the negotiation of brand deals and endorsements in connection with new-media influencers.

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