High fashion German brand MCM (Modern Creation München), has partnered with Billie Eilish for their Genderless Autumn/Winter 2019 global campaign. The teen icon serves as the voice of a new generation, while embracing gender fluidity in her modern style. MCM's mission to defy clichés and convention, just like Eilish, making the partnership a perfect match.

The campaign focuses on luxury, dynamic and functional pieces suited to ever-shifting lives. MCM's vision is "a reflection of its conusmer's mindset: eccentric, irreverent, playful, youthful, fluid and untethered to any one specific tribe or clique or aesthetic or set of borders or school of thought."

Eilish and rapper-producer Childish Major share the same wardrobes of genderless apparel and accessories in the campaign. Billie adds, “I love to glorify the things that make people uncomfortable. We’re so used to one way of living that we think other peoples’ lifestyles are wrong—sometimes automatically, without even thinking. I want to mess with what people are used to. I want to be that other.” Find out more info at www.mcmworldwide.com.

In Interscope's 2020 Spring campaign, Eilish and Steve Berman will share the same wardrobes.