Taylor Swift’s “You Need to Calm Down” (Republic) is enjoying some strong early metrics. The streaming total keeps going up, and she remains #1 at iTunes—where she’s handily outselling the #2 track. At press time, it was approaching 20m in audio streams. In real time, the song’s already #21 at Pop radio after just six days.

It’s also #2 on the Spotify U.S. chart. And the official video has 36m views, while the lyric video boasts an additional 14m. We’ll continue to watch this thing like a hawk—when we’re not napping, snacking or getting distracted by something shiny, that is.

It’s a strong start, to be sure. But how does "Calm Down" compare to "ME!" in its first week?

We’re projecting 20-23m audio streams on "Calm Down" for the week, compared to 26m first week for previous single “ME!”

First-week track sales on “Calm Down” project to 90-100k for the week, with the caveat that anyone preordering the album gets the track as an instant grat, and these are not counted for the chart. “ME!” did 182k in track sales in its first week.