Could the last pure sales giant—and last million-seller—be among us?

By now, everyone knows the story of "Old Town Road." Lil Nas X cracked the viral code and created a monster. Add Columbia's support, Billy Ray Cyrus, cross-culture appeal and a triumph over arbitrary Billboard pigeon-holing, and the monster became the biggest smash since (insert any song here).

What makes it a unicorn is that not only is "Old Town Road" dominating streaming, it's the biggest selling track of the year by a longshot. The rate at which it is killing the competition—currently outselling #2 by 3:1—is astounding. In a couple of weeks, the track will hit 1m in pure sales. And with iTunes entering retirement, it very well could be the last million-seller in history.

Take a look at how the top tracks of the year compare to "Old Town Road" in pure sales.

On top of the sales numbers, the track has generated over $5m of revenue to date. Combined with streaming and video, "Road" is halfway to Diamond. When Lil Nas X's debut EP hits streets, it will have already notched 750k in album units. "Old Town Road" has conquered the old model and is likely the last true sales champion, while it marches forward as the harbinger of the future's potential.