Today, Spotify launched its "Singles" feature. From now on, every Wednesday, a well-known track from a popular artist (that has been re-recorded at Spotify's fancy new studios in NYC) will be released in playlist form as an "A Side," alongside a cover of the artist's choosing, which serves as the "B Side." Things have kicked off with music from over 20 artists, including John Legend (pictured), Tove Lo, Local Natives and Juanes.

With custom artwork created exclusively for the streaming platform, "Singles" will live in its own Category in Browse. There, fans will also be able to find another newly announced feature, "Live." With "Live," Team Ek will be inviting fans to unique, intimate performances; recordings of such will be presented with a live photo taken at the events under the same Category.

The beauty of feeling like you're in New York with your favorite stars, while not having to sacrifice your laziness by leaving your couch and footie pajamas, is quite breathtaking, don't cha think?