The Suicide Squad soundtrack will debut at #1 on both our SPS and sales charts on Friday. Of course, should the rumored, highly anticipated Frank Ocean album arrive at some point this weekend, all bets are off. After creating a media frenzy earlier this week, Ocean’s sophomore effort is still MIA. Twitter has serious fee-fees about it.* Several observers, meanwhile, have pointed out that the "library stamps" image Ocean posted includes the date 11/13/16.

Suicide Squad (WMG) 125-135k SPS, 110-115k album
Skillet (WMG) 55-60k, 50-55k
Now 59 (NOW/Legacy) 45-50k
DJ Snake (Interscope) 15-18k, 8-9k

In Olympics news, we now feel even worse about the lifelong lack of physical coordination that has led us to describe ourselves as "indoorsy."