You may have caught that Wrestlemania-style entrance Donald Trump made at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last night, complete with the shady overlord lighting and also, marching out to a song he has zero permission to use, Queen's "We are the Champions."

Today the publisher of that anthem have made an official statement on the matter.

Sony/ATV Music Publishing has never been asked by Mr. Trump, the Trump campaign or the Trump Organization for permission to use 'We Are the Champions' by Queen. On behalf of the band, we are frustrated by the repeated unauthorized use of the song after a previous request to desist, which has obviously been ignored by Mr. Trump and his campaign.

Queen does not want its music associated with any mainstream or political debate in any country. Nor does Queen want 'We Are the Champions' to be used as an endorsement of Mr. Trump and the political views of the Republican Party. We trust, hope and expect that Mr. Trump and his campaign will respect these wishes moving forward.”

In response, Melania Trump reportedly lit a cigar and demanded someone get Danny Strick on the phone.