Big Star special for Record Store Day

FOR YOU (IF YOU LUCK OUT): We just came across what may become the most coveted item created for Record Store Day on April 16. Ardent Studios in Memphis has made what will stand as the definitive edition of Big Star’s Third, according to the website of Mermphis indie store the Vinyl District. The record is being cut from the original assembly reel on the same lathe by Larry Nix, the engineer who cut it the first time, and pressed on 180gm vinyl at RTI. This is the test pressing edition comprising the original 14-track version of this fabled album, complete with replicas of the studio tracking sheets and lead sheets. “Randomly inserted into this limited-edition run (1,000 for the US, 1,000 for Europe) will be five copies of the original test pressing from ’75 courtesy of Big Star’s Jody Stephens—signed by Jody, Larry Nix and John Fry of the original Ardent Records,” Ardent’s Adam Hil explains. “You KNOW how hard these are to come by!” Uhm, we’ll be happy to take one off your hands, Adam. By the way, a complete list of Record Store Day specials has been posted onDigital Music News. (4/7a)