iTunes charts

iTUNES CHARTS: A pair of intriguing new entries have popped up among the titles we’ve grown accustomed to seeing in the upper reaches of these and other charts. On the singles side, this week’s historic Supreme Court rulings on DOMA and Prop 8 have inspired an embrace of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love,” which is becoming the de facto anthem of the marriage-equality movement—and how cool is that? Meanwhile, you can chalk up the current run on The Beatles1 to good old-fashioned price and positioning. The digital release of the Help! movie has been splashed on the welcome page for most of the week, and $9.99 is a helluva deal for 28 of the greatest records ever made. On that very subject, here’s what Rick Rubin (fresh off his production involvement in two straight chart-topping album debuts) has to say about the Fabs’ music in a newly posted Daily Beast Q&A: “It transcends everything. It’s much bigger than four kids from Liverpool. For me the Beatles are proof of the existence of God. It’s so good and so far beyond everyone else that it’s not them.” (6/28a)