Jay-Z wins

JAY, SMOKIN': Before we've heard one track from Magna Carta Holy Grail, let's talk about what Jay-Z has already accomplished. As we noted earlier, he's gotten the RIAA to change its rules and apparently has Target willing to bend theirs, and could ostensibly be platinum by the time his TBA single spins on radio (it will hit there as the album is unlocked for Samsung users). He's dominated the conversation and fostered all kinds of buzz just prior to the Fourth, which he'll dominate with his unconventional Roc Nation release. He's already made $5 million and has a lavish promotional budget, both courtesy of Samsung. And he's driven a viral storm online, letting the curious (including us) build the buzz still further without spending any additional dough. What happens after the record hits? Well, he'll be joining Justin Timberlake (who guests on Magna Carta track "Holy Grail" and whose 20/20 Experience Vol. 2 will drive more buzz) for the Legends of the Summer tour, kicking off 7/17. (7/2p)