Mumford VEVO

MUMMERS: Hey, the dudes from Mumford & Sons look really different in their new video, which premiered today on VEVO. Wait a minute, that's not Mumford & Sons! Well, it is their propulsive new single, "Hopeless Wanderer" (Glassnote), but the figures miming onscreen are clearly comic actors Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman, Ed Helms and Will Forte. Considering the emotional intensity of the band's material, it's pretty cool that they opted to let four clowns "take the piss out of them," as the Brits like to say; what ensues is much over-the-top emoting, a bit of passionate man-snogging, a smidge of barbershop-quartet choreography, some Van Halen-esque banjo hammer-ons and a blast of Who-like instrument destruction. We trust you'll find it giggle-worthy, even as you notice how friggin' great the song is. (8/5p)