The Music Biz Now at UCLA

AN EDUMACATION IN MUSIC: The Music Business Now, a UCLA course taught by Jampol Artist Management Inc. founder/head Jeff Jampol and a coterie of industry heavyweights (plus Lenny Beer) begins its spring-quarter classes tonight at the school’s Schoenberg Hall at 6pm. The course’s co-Instructors are IGA Vice Chairman Steve Berman, Tom Sturges Music President Tom Sturges, JAM, Inc. manager Arron Saxe and Beer, who will serve as a visiting Co-Instructor/Panel Moderator and promises to open a jumbo can of shut the fuck up whenever Jampol starts bloviating. Panelists and speakers include Jody Gerson, Rob Light, Ron Laffitte, Ian Montone, Peter Gray, Richard Palmese, Bruce Flohr, Andy Gould, Tom Whalley, Angelica Cob-Baehler, Brad Davidson, Andrew Jeffries, Live Nation’s Bob Roux, Alex Da Kid, Jason Feinberg and Tim Smith. In addition to being the industry's premiere manager to the dead—er, legacy artists—Jampol is now a professor at The Herb Alpert School Of Music, teaching the course to Mo Ostin Music Industry Minor undergrads, Anderson School MBA graduate students and others, all of which has made him more insufferable than ever. He would like to remind the class that if an ambulance goes by, all bets are off. (4/2p)