"I am a hunter, an anthropologist, a needle-in-the-haystack finder. You never know when it will be the day that you’ll find the artist that will change your life."


N.Y. Times Counts Some of Warner Music Group Boss' Favorite Things
The N.Y. Times profiled Warner Music Group’s Lyor Cohen in its Sunday paper. Here are some of the highlights:

AGE: 49

: Music executive

: Overseeing the fall releases of new albums by Jay-Z, Madonna, Paramore, Trey Songz and Michael Bublé.

2. JOB DESCRIPTION: I am a hunter, an anthropologist, a needle-in-the-haystack finder. You never know when it will be the day that you’ll find the artist that will change your life.

3. ACT HE MOST WANTS TO SIGN: Kings of Leon.

4. CAREER BEGINNING: I threw a concert at the Los Angeles club I was managing in the mid-1980s. Run-DMC was the headliner. They loved the show and gave me my start being their road manager.

6. FAVORITE ARTIST: Yoshimoto Nara. He does these paintings of perverse cartoonish-esque kids. I have a number of them throughout the house.

7. PERSONAL HERO: I love Bart Starr. He was one of the great quarterbacks for the Green Bay Packers. He’s a blue-collar, get-it-done kind of person. I have an autographed Starr helmet. It must have been my ex-wife who gave that to me.

8. FAVORITE RECENT GIFT: Edgar Bronfman gave me a humidor in the shape of my town house. It was a beautiful and thoughtful present.

9. MORNING ROUTINE: I wake up with the sun. When my children are with me, I wake them up. When they are not with me, I exercise, get something to eat. I am off to the office around 8:30.

10. EXERCISE ROUTINE: I have a gym at the house. I believe that being fit, eating well and regular exercise is not a luxury.

11. AT AGE 5, HE WANTED TO BE: I always thought I was going to be a diplomat to help resolve conflict. I have no clue where I came up with that.

12. LAST BOOK HE READ: A biography of Queen Elizabeth I. She had such strength of character.

13. FAVORITE PLACE IN HOUSE: My sauna. My dad never really did sports with us, but he used to take us to the schvitz and tell us Yiddish stories. So when I had my town house done I had the sauna made so that it fits my four brothers, my son and my father.

14. NICKNAME: Lansky. Rappers have a perverse interest in gangster society. Some have given me this name of Meyer Lansky, the Jewish mobster, as a sign of affection. I appreciate the sentiment, but I don’t identify with Lansky.

15. HAIR-RAISING ROAD MOMENT: In 1985, I brought Run-DMC to England. The big show we did, someone forgot the records at the hotel. So we showed up at the gate with no records and thousands of kids waiting for them. I was scared for our lives.

16. MEMORABILIAPHOBE: If you visited my house or my office, you would not know I am in the music business. I always thought it was corny to keep a lot of that stuff around.

17. ALWAYS IN WALLET: My children’s photos. I don’t know why since they are also on my BlackBerry. But there’s something about searching for my credit cards and seeing my children’s faces smiling at me.

18. FAVORITE MUSIC FORMAT: I listen to vinyl on a regular basis because of the warmth.

19. FAVORITE POSSESSION: My turntable, speakers and amp. The system won the gold medal at the CES consumer technology convention a few years ago. Rick Rubin took me to it in Vegas. The system has a remarkable sound.

20. RETIREMENT PLAN: To never stop working.

21. FAVORITE DEFUNCT MUSIC ACT: Public Enemy is what’s missing in the business right now. We need Chuck D and Flavor Flav and the S1Ws. We desperately need a group that’s willing to tackle thorny subjects.

22. TRAVELING RITUAL: I always board the plane with my right foot. That is what I do.

23. BIGGEST INDULGENCE: Playing golf. It just takes so much time, and that is the thing that I have the least amount of. My son and I in the late afternoon, walking around some gorgeous trees; it’s kind of amazing.

24. ITEM THAT REMINDS HIM OF HIMSELF: My mezuzah. It’s a small box with a scroll in it that Jewish people put on their doors.

25. INSPIRATION: My religion.

26. FAVORITE VINYL RECORDINGS: All the Fela albums. Each song is a side long and I can get lost in the music. Second would be the Faces. I love when Ronnie Wood sings.

27. LEAST FAVORITE CHORE: I guess cleaning up pots and pans after dinner. It’s just dirty.

28. EVENING ROUTINE: I go deep into the night. You should only go to sleep when you are totally exhausted and can barely make it to bed.

29. NEXT BIG PURCHASE: Back-to-school clothes for my son.

30. FAVORITE PLACE TO VISIT: To paraphrase Henry David Thoreau: “I’ve traveled wide and far in Concord.” What he meant was you don’t have to go anyplace to travel.

31. FAVORITE CHILDHOOD MEMENTO: A photo of my family at my bar mitzvah.

32. MOST SATISFYING RECENT EVENT: Jay-Z just came back to me a few months ago. It’s just an acknowledgment of the hard work and belief in one another.

33. NAGGING INJURY: I lost my right elbow playing football when I was young. It doesn’t straighten out.

34. LEAST FAVORITE MUSIC GENRE: Derivative, regurgitated, schmaltzy pop songs.

35. HIS TOWN HOUSE: It had been the personal house of the great architect Cass Gilbert, the man who designed the Woolworth Building.

36. HOME HOMAGE: My house is dedicated to Rick Rubin. My day-to-day experience is fundamentally in honor of things I learned from Rick. The first day I saw him in his N.Y.U. dorm room, he was in pain because he couldn’t find the perfect colors for the Def Jam record sleeve. That’s when I learned attention to detail.

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