I am off to purchase Herbie Hancock.... So what about you?


When Lenny Says They Sell Albums, Believe Him
Wow, wow, wow. Grammy-nominations day is always chock full of surprises!!! And this year did not disappoint. So even though I am vacationing in Central America, I wanted to chime in and add my two cents. Grammy prognosticator extraordinaire Paul Grein hit two of his three locks (Kanye West and Amy Winehouse, while Daughtry was un-locked). I also scored two of three (again Kanye and Amy, but no Bruce Springsteen?!?!)

Let's look at two of my favorite categories…

Best Album:

Kanye West: A lock nomination and the early favorite... Call it rap, call it R&B, call it great.

Amy Winehouse: The second fave, which is building serious momentum, and she’s clearly the breakthrough artist of the year... I like "Rehab" in Record of the Year category, btw.

Foo Fighters: Great and much-deserved (but why couldn't the Boss also grab a slot?).

Vince Gill: Oh please. I am sorry, but, oh please... Mr. Gill has always been a great songwriter, but I am not buying this nomination. Tim McGraw? Taylor Swift? Reba McEntire, sure... Sorry again, do not buy it.

Herbie Hancock:
Obviously one of the great talents in the business, but forgive me because I didn't even know it was out. Here's an example of a Grammy nomination that will immediately sell an album, as I am off to iTunes to check it out and gladly pay my $9.99 (like I've been saying, Grammys sell records, Grammys sell records—and now I am living proof). So I'll get back to you on this one after I spend some time with it.

Best New Artist:

Amy Winehouse: Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Taylor Swift: Love her, love her, love her, and soon everyone will love her also, as her brilliant "Teardrops on My Guitar" rockets up the Pop charts.

Feist: An album I’ve been touting all year, which should have been nominated in lots more categories. This is an artist and a record that deserve your attention—there's a lot more to hear after “1,2,3,4.”

Paramore: A pleasant surprise, one for the youngsters, as Ed Sullivan useta say. They’re a fun band, and they made a fun album—good for them.

Ledisi: She is brilliant, although not well-known at this point. I thought this slot belonged to Chrisette Michele, but this is another pleasant surprise. Check into her, and know she is a real talent, an incredible live performer and an artist's artist. I was turned on to her months ago by artist/writer/director/genius Billy Porter.

So the nominations are in, and now the real game of SALES begins. Follow the action, and read the box scores (charts). I am off to purchase Herbie Hancock.... So what about you? Who do you like? Whose nom made you smile today? Who got screwed? And can anyone explain to me why Springsteen didn't get Album of the Year nod? And what was Paul Grein smoking with that Daughtry prediction? Talk to me at [email protected]. Game on!

Dear Lenny-
Just curious why you love Taylor Swift so much? I think she is a talented little songwriter, for her age, but her songs are very tweeny and somewhat bubblegum pop. And her voice is weak, pitchy and has no range or power. If she had tried out for American Idol as a singer, she would never have made it to the Hollywood rounds even. Simon Cowell would have destroyed her. I just don't get the hype over her at all. Curious if you could reply with your thoughts. Glad you agree that the brilliant Amy Winehouse will win Best New Artist, as in my opinion, Daughtry deserved the slot over Taylor in a heartbeat. Her live performances are just plain awful....especially at the CMAs and Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting. An online poll favored Carrie Underwood's performance over Taylor's 95% to 5%. LOL Carrie... that is a strong, gifted vocalist who deserved and earned her awards, etc. Taylor, to me, is just another talentless Britney Spears type, but a country version of the same...who can't really sing. She is a better songwriter then Britney though... I will give her that. Go, Amy Winehouse!!

A. Jones


I am absolutely baffled, dumbfounded and flabbergasted that Bruce did not get an Album of the Year nomination. It's utterly ridiculous.

Love Herbie, but tribute records should not be "Album of the year" candidates, plus the record had VERY LITTLE impact this year. Love the Foos, but their record didn't exactly set the worldon fire. No quarrel with Kanye or Amy or Vince, either. Love all of those efforts. But Bruce's record, to me, is the "Album of the Year."

Much like Bob Dylan's Modern Times slight last year, the Grammys never miss a chance to miss a chance. Bruce has never won "Album of the Year." Nuff said. One positive... I truly love how the Grammys continually give the finger to Nashville. Last year was the year of the Dixie Chicks, Nashville outcasts. This time, the criminally under appreciated Vince Gill gets the attention that Nashville is too stupid to pay him. LOVE it.
Joel Amsterdam
V.P. Publicity
Concord Records
Ledisi Power: The Modern Blues channel at Slacker.com has had the new Ledisi CD in Power rotation since September 24, currently playing the track "Upside Down."
David Bean
Modern Blues Programmer

These Days deserves a nomination for the Best Album of the Year award. The best songwriting and arguably the best musician of the bunch (save Herbie). Despite my location and occupation, I was not even working in Country music when it was released last October, so I promise I am not letting my surroundings influence my pick, but this guy deserves it. Why should the Best Album award go to the one with the most headlines in Us Weekly? Graduation or Back to Black may be the best album of the year, but don’t deny Vince his nomination. Watch the guy perform live just once and you’ll understand. Don’t get me wrong, I guarantee I’m the biggest Kanye fan in Nashville, but you’re crazy to say Vince shouldn’t be on this list.

Scott Frans
Interactive Marketing Assistant
Grand Ole Opry


The fact that Bruce Springsteen did not receive an Album of the Year nomination is a travesty. It makes me wonder, has anyone heard the full record? If they had, they wouldn't have nominated "Radio Nowhere" as the best track. pulleeeaaasse... I mean, I love the Foo Fighters, but Album of the Year? Ah, God Bless them—their time is their time. The good thing—really—is that none of these Best Album records suck!

Jeff Amato


Congrats to Ryan Shaw on his nomination!

Tim Walker


Hi Lenny,
I liked your blog...I'm totally with you on Feist. There's so much more to that album. Here was my take, BTW:

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