Bullshit to the naysayers, as Monte has now done it ALL, on every level.


This Week, Lenny Sings the Battle Hymn of Universal Republic
People have been asking the question, "Who is the next great record man?,” and the answer now appears to be clear as a bell... Monte Lipman. Monte's the man with the magic touch. The seemingly infallible system that was created by Monte and brother Avery has been cranking out the research hits. But Monte was pigeonholed. Monte could only have research hits, Monte couldn't find and develop real artists. Monte couldn't find the right image artists. Monte's plans were old-school. Monte couldn't develop Grammy-winning artists. Monte was all about one-hit wonders and couldn't develop career artists. Well, bullshit to the naysayers, as Monte has now done it ALL, on every level. He's done the following in the past year:

1. Built the best research A&R department in the business.

2. As a former promo exec, Lipman knew he needed to step up to the plate to strengthen his promo squad. He did so by signing and empowering Joel Klaiman, who has quickly built the industry's hottest delivery system, as his team has swiftly and efficiently delivered hit after hit at every format.

3. Took Euro stud Amy Winehouse and made her a top-drawer star in the U.S. overnight, while running an expert showcase/introductory strategy that allowed her to maintain her cred and let her talent speak for itself.

4. Scouted, targeted and signed MySpace/internet darling Colbie Caillat and took her album platinum overnight.

5. Targeted country starlet Taylor Swift and spent months courting Scott Borchetta to bring her album under his aegis, then broke her wide open in the pop market as her sales head to Shania Twain land.

6. Developed the career of Jack Johnson through his partnership with Brushfire, letting him grow naturally while stoking the fires of an artist who now smoothly debuts at #1 and continues to sell and sell over extended periods of time. Call him a career artist, in a marketplace where the term is a rarity.

7. Is on the verge of extending and growing the career of multi-platinum selling Three Doors Down with another smash song that his team is exploding at radio.

In summation, Taylor going, going, gone-ski to multi-platinum and more... Colbie heading multi platinum... Hinder well over 2 million sold... five-time Grammy winner Amy at 1.5 million sold and going strong... Jack Johnson sitting proudly at #1 for two straight weeks and projecting to stay for a third... More artists and songs developing in the bullpen....

Give the man his due. The next great superstar in the business has appeared, and his name is Monte Lipman. And it's just the tip of the iceberg. These artists are red-hot and will continue to be for some time to come. GIVE THE MAN HIS PROPS!!!

Now, we ask you, who is the next great record man, or woman? We look forward to seeing your candidates in our mailbox: [email protected].

First-time caller, long-time reader. To echo your sentiments about Monte Lipman. A gentlemen who was raised in this industry with me...and who has severely lapped me. But as a man who competes and hates to lose, I don't consider Monte lapping me a loss. Shit man... He's lapped everybody. And he's done it on his own terms. Lastly, hats off to his boss Mr. Doug Morris for keeping the faith in ML and proving that, if you continue to believe in talent (i.e: Doug believing in Monte)--real/raw talent--than over time, your beliefs will pay off. They will pay off in the short AND long term.

Gary "Proud to be in Business with Monte" Spivack
Right Arm Entertainment


Lenny -

and company have indeed done a great job.

It seems that investing in great A&R and artist development does pay off...something I've been screaming about for the past decade as most labels have invested in disposable flavor-of-the-month "artists." (Excluding Nashville... Country still gets it right when it comes to finding and signing real talent)

The next great record person? Dunno from what ranks he or she will come from...but I do believe those that rise from the ranks in the future will possess real vision for the industry's future success, and they will be able to utilize new technologies to benefit both labels and artists.

In the meantime, every major label should be looking at what Monte has accomplished by creating a great label that has a real focus on MUSIC, signing artists that will be around for some time, and gee...that's the way it's supposed to be, right?

Hey, I also agree that GREAT MUSIC still sells!!! I also have an artist that should be listed in unsigned great acts...

New Orleans native and son of Stevie Wonder (figuratively), PJ Morton (www.myspace.com/pjmorton).

His story is similar to Meiko's (whom I think is another superstar artist). PJ Morton is a Grammy-award winning producer and songwriter for India Arie, and is currently writing hits for artists like Whitney Houston, Jennifer Hudson and Leona Lewis.

He has toured with artists like Chrisette Michele and Johnta Austin, and we're currently talking to Jeff Robinson about the Alicia Keys tour, and if anyone has a direct connect with Mr. Stevie Wonder we would love to go on the second leg of his tour.

He's sold thousands of records totally independent from his shows on iTunes, the trunk of the car, and MySpace. But we are trying to get some more exposure such as VH1 and good PR work. I would love to talk to you, Mike Savage, I understand how hard it can be managing an artist as talented as Meiko, and not getting the major label support. So if you could email me at [email protected], we may be able to brainstorm some ideas and I may have someone who is interested in her as an artist.

Finally, I do have to say that after this week I realized after meeting with Epic Records President Charlie Walk about another great artist, Atozzio, that there are still some executives who understand. Everything his team is doing there is great (people like Brandon Creed), it's innovative and set to be part of the new major-label system!!! But please, everyone, check out PJ Morton. If you like good music, you will love him.

Walter Jordan

In a time of the "sky is falling" philosophy and mantra, Monte, Avery and Universal Republic have done an amazing job breaking and establishing new artists. Key emphasis on the word "new."

What they have done and are doing, not only gives hope to an industry in shambles but answers a lot of questions as to why it's in shambles.

Regardless of what one's personal taste is, you have to admit their artists have talent. Real TALENT. You combine that with an aggressive radio team, proper set-up, conviction and there you go!

You can still sell records in these trying times and you can certainly find and break new talent.

These guys are doing it in many genres and many formats. Hats off to Monte, Avery and the crew over there. You have to give Doug and Mel applause for seeing early on the talent of this executive staff.

I couldn't agree more; Monte and Avery are the real deal. Funny enough, they combine the best of old school and new school into one potent machine.

Jack Ponti
Merovingian Music, Ltd.
CazzyDog Management

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