IVANA: not surprisingly, i'm obsessed with the new spoon song from the stranger than fiction soundtrack, called "the book i write"
SHERRI: is it the song or britt you're obsessed with?
IVANA: is it wrong to be a fan?
SHERRI: you say fan--I say stalker...


Think of This as a PoMo Version of The View,
but Without Rosie O'Donnell
IVANA: lenny is out of town, so will you help me write this week's column?
SHERRI: has todd ever done a column with you? i feel privileged, especially as radio has finally begun adding some real records this week
IVANA: todd who? you're right, it's been a fun week at radio. that being said, there are still a million heartbreakers, but that's par for the course
SHERRI: it's a tease before pre-xmas curse. joey scoleri is reeling them in post-election with sparta--and they were mind-blowing the other night!
IVANA: i saw sparta on saturday in san diego as well, for kbzt's 4th anniversary party-always fun to hang with garett, halloran, mike hansen, anya, kallao... oh did i see kallao there too? i remember when kallao and i were the two most obsessive ok go fans, way before youtube brought them fame. by the way, did you know that "taking back control" by sparta was written as a rallying cry to get people to vote? and it worked! we're back! house and senate! our favorite canadian (joey, of course) is having an all-star week, landing kdge, warq, wnfz, wrax, wtzr, wzjo, wrwk at pomo! red states love sparta!
SHERRI: blue states need to stop over-thinking and jump on this obvious pomo hit.
IVANA: sub pop already has more than a dozen stations on the shins’ single--i know you love that band
SHERRI: loved them before garden state, and am thrilled susan busch grabbed live105, cd101, wgvx, weqx, knxx and wkzq today.
IVANA: on top of kndd, krbz, knrk, kbzt, wrox etc.
SHERRI: at this rate, she'll have “the house” wrapped up in moments, and “the senate” by street-date!
IVANA: which is january 23rd. have you noticed that labels are already working songs from cds that won't be out til next year? i think it's smart in this climate--too hard to get new music heard in a timely way.
SHERRI: so smart. you have to have massive radio play to go out of the gate strong with sales.
IVANA: it can't all be about radio tho, like capitol is starting to build the buzz for lily allen (who i want to be just like when i grow up) with a combination of early radio, like live105, knrk, wfnx and kwod, press and sold-out concerts. oh yeah, and a few million myspace friends
SHERRI: myspace is how more and more stations are gathering feedback--counts even more than phones do these days. that's where the demo goes to actually "cast their vote."
IVANA: unless you're trying to use it as ammunition to get airplay, then it's dismissed… i heard the new fall out boy last week--it's called "this ain't a scene, it's an arms race." so so so good! i never thought i'd say that about fall out boy because i’m way way way out of their demo. i know island is also psyched about the new saliva single, "ladies and gentlemen," which our fearless leader lenny believes is a lock for #1
SHERRI: mark fischer and christine pulled in kcxx, wxrk, wxdx, kqra, kxna and wfxh today.
IVANA: and everybody is adding the new killers song--isn't there another record on island you really like?
SHERRI: they also have this hot new band called young love.
IVANA: ah, that's it. emphasis on hot--i saw the video. mike childs sent me a song by the australian band evermore that i love. called "it's too late"
SHERRI: most played song in australia last year
IVANA: and, not surprisingly, i'm obsessed with the new spoon song from the stranger than fiction soundtrack, called "the book i write"
SHERRI: is it the song or britt you're obsessed with?
IVANA: is it wrong to be a fan?
SHERRI: you say fan--I say stalker...tomato-tomahto. I am also digging elias at roadrunner's new alternative band madina lake.
IVANA: what's their story?
SHERRI: they’re twin brothers from fear factor--they've gone from scorpion eating to writing a beautiful record about a mythological town and a missing lady--like lady in the lake, only this could be an actual hit.
IVANA: wow. deep. i can't fathom being in a band with my twin sister. or being on fear factor.
SHERRI: much less dangerous than getting airplay these days-fewer crawling worms.
IVANA: did you see that bill carroll and howard p. have broken another band this year with red jumpsuit apparatus? top 10 already, AND bill got that elusive add from krox this week. the new 30 seconds to mars single is heading to top 10
SHERRI: bill is lenny’s favorite, isn't he? well deserved. 30 seconds have more than proven themselves. “the kill” has been on the chart longer than any song this year.
IVANA: indeed-capitol will find similar success with saosin, especially with 99x coming on board this week. columbia is making inroads with the new switchfoot single--mtv2 add this week, as well as cd101, live105, wkzq. psyched to see that amanda walk has joined jj grossman’s pomo team. and army of anyone streets today--already top 10 at active and new this week at kbzt, warq, wmfs and wsfm
SHERRI: kteg said it's a huge smash for them.
IVANA: speaking of smashes-i hope radio realizes my chemical romance owes A LOT to placebo. "meds" is a genius single, and i also loved how the o.c. used placebo's version of kate bush's "running up that hill" last week. (the o.c. has jumped the shark like nobody's business but i'm still devoted). who do you want to win dancing with the stars?
SHERRI: mario of course! emmitt is a beautiful bear in ballet slippers, but mario is smokin’ hot!!
IVANA: i'm voting for jerry all the way. thanks for helping out this week!
SHERRI: jerry has been out for weeks
IVANA: i'm still voting for him

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