"Van Toffler is one of the few executives who lives successfully and comfortably in the music, television, film and business worlds."
——Judy McGrath, MTV Networks Chairman/CEO


Toffler, Graden, Farber Upped, West Joins, Divney Returns
The dominos set in motion by the elevation of Tom Freston to Viacom Co-Chairman/Co-COO continue as MTV Networks Chairman/CEO Judy McGrath announced several key executive appointments, including the promotion of City of Hope "Spirit of Life" honoree Van Toffler from President, MTV, MTV2 and MTV Films to MTV Networks Group President, adding VH1, CMT and LOGO to his realm.

Brian Graden has been named President of LOGO and President, Entertainment for MTV Networks Music Group including MTV, MTV2, VH1 and CMT, reporting to Toffler. Graden will also serve as a creative liaison for MTV's international operations, working on development, reporting to McGrath.

Toffler will report to McGrath and joins Herb Scannell and Bill Roedy as part of McGrath's senior management team. Comedy Central President Doug Herzog will also report directly to McGrath. VH1 President Christina Norman and CMT Exec. VP/GM Brian Phillips will now report to Toffler.

Matt Farber will take on a broader consulting role for MTV Networks developing additional media and entertainment opportunities for LOGO, receiving the Founder title for the fledgling gay network.

Former Microsoft exec Denmark West has been named Executive Vice President, Strategy and Business Development by McGrath to focus on future growth for the division, concentrating on new media platforms.

In addition, McGrath convinced ex-Comedy Central President Larry Divney to come out of retirement to become MTV Networks COO, Ad Sales.

Said McGrath: "Van Toffler is one of the few executives who lives successfully and comfortably in the music, television, film and business worlds. His passion for our culture helps us maintain the rich creative mix the audience has come to expect from all things MTV. Under Van's leadership MTV has achieved record ratings and revenue, MTV2 is enjoying tremendous growth as an emerging brand, and MTV Films has a great slate ahead. With the additional oversight for VH1, CMT and LOGO, Van will surely have the dream portfolio, and a great brand platform for new things. And now he can finally pimp his 1995 Ford Focus."

Van Toffler first joined the company in 1987 in business affairs for VH1 and Nickelodeon, culminating in his appointment in 2000 as President, MTV: Music Television, MTV2 and MTV Films. He oversaw the launch of MTV.com in 1995 and the launch of MTV2 in 1999, and most recently, the re-branding of CTN into mtvU. MTV Films has produced and released a string of diverse, original and critically acclaimed feature films, including Varsity Blues, Election, and Napoleon Dynamite. Toffler was previously General Manager, MTV; Exec. VP, MTV Productions; Sr. VP, Programming Enterprises; and VP, Business Management, MTV. Prior to joining MTV Networks in 1987, Mr. Toffler was an associate with the law firm of Kaye, Scholer, Fierman, Hays and Handler.

McGrath said about Graden's new LOGO duties: "I'm so thrilled to tap into Brian's creative strength for LOGO, and to extend his programming expertise to CMT and our international channels, as well. Brian has brought innovation and an unprecedented number of hits to MTV. He has been instrumental in the reinvention of VH1, which has never been hotter, and he's already played a key role in the development process at LOGO. With Brian at the helm, I am confident that LOGO will be successful and will have an authentic voice that will resonate with its audience. And where else can you see Will and Grace on the air 24 hours a day?"

McGrath added: "I will be forever grateful to Matt Farber for bringing us the concept for LOGO and for all of his incredible work in the pre-launch and development process. I look forward to continuing to be able to tap into his passion and great entrepreneurial skills for our future businesses. But even I draw the line at a Barbra Streisand channel."

Graden joined MTV in July of 1997 as Exec. VP, Programming. In January of 2000, he was promoted to President, Programming MTV & MTV2 and was named President, Entertainment MTV and VH1 in 2002, bringing in a string of hits including The Osbournes, Newlyweds, Punk'd, TRL and Jackass, as well as turning around VH1, spawning hits like I Love the 90s and Surreal Life. Graden was formerly Executive Producer of South Park. Prior to that, Mr. Graden ran Foxlab, Fox's home for new and experimental projects.

McGrath said about West: "Denmark will be a fantastic addition to the team. He brings us a unique and strong skill set from his years at Microsoft where he collaboratively worked on projects across all their divisions. As our businesses change and as our audiences embrace our brands in new ways, it is a great time for us to broaden our thinking and to have a new and fresh perspective on how we can continue to grow... Denmark brings us all of that, and he showed me how to print out all my e-mail."

West was most recently Manager of Strategic Planning and Investment Governance and acting Chief of Staff for the Windows Client Division at Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, WA. During his six years at Microsoft, he forged several strategic initiatives, investments and partnerships to help Microsoft expand into and grow within new consumer avenues including console gaming, digital media and interactive TV.

McGrath said about Divney: "In addition to our great creative success, MTV Networks is having an incredible year on the sales side. There is no one better to help keep the momentum going and to take it to the next level than Larry. We're bringing him back to his ad sales roots and I am confident that with his expertise we will exceed the phenomenal growth we've seen this year. And, aside from the fact that we were really missing him, I think he realized that farming is way overrated."

An integral part of Comedy Central since its inception in 1991, Larry Divney retired his post as President, Comedy Central in June, 2004. Divney joined MTV in 1981 as its first VP of Advertising Sales. He's also worked at the Cable Health Network (now Lifetime) as the VP Market Development and Sales, CNN VP and National Sales Mgr. and A&E SVP Ad Sales. Before that, Divney spent 15 years in the radio business in various sales and management capacities.

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