Ivana: my three best live shows were: The Zombies (not exactly a CMJ show, but genius nonetheless), The Bravery and TV on the Radio
Lenny: ah, and what label is TV on?
Ivana: Touch & Go
Lenny: do they pay us?
Ivana: they feed my soul
Lenny: cause if they pay us, i love their records
It's All About The Bravery, Sum 41, Elefant, Hoobastank, Crossfade, Interpol, The Music, My Chemical Romance and, oh yeah, The Yankees
Ivana:  The wandering Jew has returned home
Lenny:  who is that
Ivana:  I guess you didn't even notice I was away
Lenny:  it depends, which one are you
Ivana:  which one what? who's on first?
Lenny:  i hope one of the yankees
Ivana:  go boston
Lenny:  these last two games have taken a lot out of me
Ivana:  i can say the same about these last two weeks. it was my 24th CMJ--I tried this line on the other attendees, "hey kid, did you know I used to do college radio with your parent?" not surprisingly, the response was usually a look of horror
Lenny:  did u see any great bands at CMJ?
Ivana:  tons--i was out every night until 3am—so not like me!
Lenny:  give me your top three best live shows u saw
Ivana:  my three best live shows were: The Zombies (not exactly a CMJ show, but genius nonetheless), The Bravery and TV on the Radio
Lenny:  ah, and what label is TV on?
Ivana:  Touch & Go
Lenny:  do they pay us?
Ivana:  they feed my soul
Lenny:  cause if they pay us, i love their records
Ivana:  i will not comment on that, as i don't want to besmirch their unassailable credibility
Lenny:  i understand... whattup at radio this week
Ivana:  just some band called Hoobastank—#1 Most Added at every possible format with their new smash "Disappear." even naysayers (garett) can't argue that this song isn’t great
Lenny:  it's a killer, and speaking of killers, how's with the new killers "mr. brightside,"--really love that one
Ivana:  it's growing by leaps and bounds—another smash
Lenny:  howie and christine have good records
Ivana:  and Sum 41
Lenny:  true dat. what else do i like
Ivana:  you love Elefant. or at least I do
Lenny:  i love the san diego zoo, does that count?
Ivana:  not remotely. although the singer's name IS Diego. he’s dreamy.
Lenny:  whattabout muse?  i think i like muses cause there were two questions about muses on the sunday crossword and i got them both right
Ivana:  rob at warner bros. had a good week with "Hysteria": CIMX, 91X, WRAX--all those "X" stations
Lenny:  i never liked X, even with all the robert hilburn hype
Ivana:  you're nuts--they're brilliant. Exene and John Doe are incredible. and she was married to Vigo. sigh..
Lenny:  oy
Ivana:  you're not allowed to say oy until KROQ plays Interpol and i start to dance. those are the rules. so Interpol did their first morning radio show yesterday, mancow. talk about baptism by fire!
Lenny: crossfade is closing, the columbia team wins one of the pomo promo jobs of the year awards for that one
Ivana:  yes, ktbz, wbcn, y100 and ktzo this week! then they'll blow out the new Coheed in two weeks.
Lenny:  exactly
Ivana:  speaking of blowing out, krox austin parted company with pd melody lee, much to the surprise of everybody
Lenny:  ted volk is closing quickly on the Music, that way he can concentrate on the clippers earlier.... sorry about melody, what team does she root for
Ivana:  is that a sexual question?
Lenny:  not "play" for, "root" for
Ivana:  i ran into lorraine caruso while i was in nyc--she's got another three days grace smash on her hands. talk about brilliant promo jobs!
Lenny:  jive has so many smashes these days, it's almost like they were two labels in one
Ivana:  lynn mcdonnell has a massive hit with my chemical romance—"i'm not okay (i promise)" is undeniable
Lenny: i agree, i've had many chemical romances, it's my only shot
Ivana:  this is starting to border on creepy
Lenny:  i feel that way about your column every week
Ivana: for my sake, i hope the yankees win tonight--you're frightening me
Lenny:  the red sox are frightening me... a lot
Ivana:  which night next week do you want to see interpol at the wiltern? it's all sold out but i know people
Lenny:  which nites are they playing
Ivana:  kimmel is tuesday, wiltern is wednesday and thursday
Lenny:  tuesday busy, doing my hair.... wednesday is tough, yoga... thursday is out, i'll be asleep
Ivana:  "slow hands" is almost Top 20 at PoMo--this is big for Matador!
Lenny:  what's with the almost routine, get me some programmers on the phone immediately... butts need to be kicked (or is that kissed)
Ivana:  the song will go top 10
Lenny:  i agree, it's a smash
Ivana:  or heads will roll!
Lenny:  hits happen. is mr. brightside top ten yet
Ivana:  i want to live in a world where mr. brightside, slow hands and the new franz single are all in the top ten. and we have a new president. and i can sleep at night..
Lenny:  that could very well happen, but then it'll probably be pms week and u'll still be cranky
Ivana:  i managed to squeeze in an hour of shopping when i was in nyc. dan connelly from emc is the best person to take on a stealth shopping trip
Lenny:  did u buy me anything good
Ivana:  he assured me i wasn't too flat-chested for the costume national jacket i coveted—although i'm still not sure
Lenny:  it ain't the meat, it's the motion.... or at least that's what i try to tell people
Ivana:  this is too creepy for words. thanks for calling me "meat"—nice.
Lenny:  u brought up the flat-chested thingy
Ivana: who's our head of HR
Lenny:  me
Ivana: i'm officially complaining about you to you
Lenny:  i beat u to it. i complained about me to me earlier in the day
Ivana:  when are you scheduling your "sensitivity training"
Lenny:  then i sentenced me to three days out of the office on the golf course
Ivana:  and i get to go to seattle to hang out with my pal phil manning. so who's being punished?
Lenny:  clearly it's phil
Ivana:  good point
Lenny:  say goodnight gracie
Ivana:  want to watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat?
Lenny:  yep, like on boston legal
Ivana:  no, like bullwinkle!
Lenny:  u haven't watched boston legal this week, eh?
Ivana:  i was at the interpol show in chicago with my best friends jacent jackson, john farneda and nash kato
did jacent take out one breast
Ivana:  wrong jackson
Lenny:  btw, what did kroq add this week?
Ivana: NOTHING. they're frozen. and i'm in a coma
Lenny:  say goodnight gracie
Ivana:  goodnight gracie
Marketshare machers. (10/27a)
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It's a lock. (10/27a)
Planning for an Election Day hopped up on painkillers. (10/28a)
Vote. Do it now. (10/28a)
Bring your umbrella.
Mulling possible surprises.
Why not wear a mask indoors?
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