I’ve also made an effort to see a number of warm-hearted family movies to mentally prepare myself for the trip, like Pieces of April, American Splendor, Prozac Nation, The Ice Storm, Capturing the Friedmans and Grey Gardens.


Adored Heads East for a Family Reunion with Hanson and Polyphonic Spree While Stroking The Strokes

NEW YORK CARES: I wouldn’t say I’m ambivalent or anxious about flying to NYC tomorrow for a variety of family events, culminating in a big party in my glamorous hometown (Easton, PA) for my uncle’s 75th birthday—let’s just say the reason I haven’t told any of my relatives (except my twin) I’ll be joining them is to heighten the surprise. Not that I’m hedging my bets, just making sure I have an escape plan in case I change my mind. I’ve also made an effort to see a number of warm-hearted family movies to mentally prepare myself for the trip, like Pieces of April, American Splendor, Prozac Nation, The Ice Storm, Capturing the Friedmans and Grey Gardens.

My musical agenda for the week involves seeing two disparate (yet equally wonderful) examples of the modern-day family: Hanson at Carnegie Hall and The Polyphonic Spree at Warsaw, which I’m told is in Brooklyn, not eastern Europe. Maybe I’ll wear my Polyphonic Spree robe to the family event, to divert the attention away from the topic of marriage (no plans) and children (ditto). If I’m not in the office next week, it means I’m being held captive for "deprogramming." Send the Spree (or Hanson) to rescue me, please!

Not even the worst fires in the area’s history could keep KBZT San Diego from launching its 24/7 online streaming (www.fm949sd.com) last week. PD Garett Michaels said he’s already gotten emails from Peru, Belgium (they’re huge in the Benelux countries), Sweden, England and other far-flung exotic locales. The station also used this as an opportunity to inaugurate its "FM94.9 Recommended" category. Up to four songs will be chosen by the programming staff every month on the basis of internal personal passion, market awareness and anticipated listener response (based on Garett and Halloran’s intrinsic understanding of their audience). As KBZT celebrates its first anniversary, the extraordinary ratings success has proven that they’ve become an important musical resource for their audience. The first songs to be deemed "FM94.9 Recommended" are Ryan Adams’ "So Alive" (which they added weeks ago), Interpol’s "NYC" (the first band to "graduate" from Big Sonic Chill airplay to daytime rotation), Guided By Voices’ "My Kind of Soldier" (if you have to ask, then you don’t know Garett) and Mars Volta’s "Inertiatic ESP." We hail any and all efforts made by PoMo stations to expose format-exclusive new music, especially in the current (sucky) climate. 

So, let's all hail Marco Collins at KWOD for being the FIRST to add Atmosphere’s "Trying to Find a Balance," followed moments later by KROQ and WXRK. MTV2 added the video into "Handpicked," as well. Call Tami Morrissey at Epitaph for the 411.

These small but significant victories aside, I would’ve loved to have been a proverbial fly-on-the-wall at Columbia today while Ron, John, Stephanie, Joe (and Charlie and Stu) SLAMMED the new Offspring single, "Hit That," to #1 Most Added at PoMo and Active, nearly closing out both panels in one fell swoop (whatever that means). Now that’s a fun day at the office! The ebullience was enhanced with big adds on The Ataris’ "The Saddest Song" from KROX, WBUZ, WRAX, WARQ and WLRS, as well as a re-add on Switchfoot’s "Meant To Live" from WHFS!

A few floors down at Epic, Jacqueline and her team have been swiftly closing out the new Korn single (including WROX, WRZK and KROX) in anticipation of the 11/25 street date for Take a Look in the Mirror. Audioslave’s latest hit, "I Am the Highway," found love this week from KPNT and WWRX, while the super-talented Howie Day’s "Perfect Time of Day" was added at KZON. KROQ added "Closure" from Chevelle (nice!). Travis just wrapped up their east coast/midwest jaunt, promising to return in January (yay!). Our favorite Epic band (OK, our favorite band on any label), Phantom Planet, is on tour, previewing songs from their completely brilliant upcoming release Forever. WOXY added "Big Brat" this week, which further reinforced our undying love for Matt Shiv.

Now that KROQ has added Three Days Grace’s "I Hate Everything About You," Jive’s Lorraine Caruso should be able to relax and begin her maternity leave, knowing that delivering a baby couldn’t possibly be as difficult as getting that add.

Hooray to The Strokes, whose Room on Fire sold over 100k this week! "12:51" is researching at a number of key PoMo stations (ask Woltman for the particulars), and programmers that like music (both of them) have pointed to "Meet Me In the Bathroom," "What Ever Happned?" and "Reptilia" as other picks-to-click.

 Rob Goldklang and the rest of the WB’ers had a stupendous week, as the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ "Fortune Faded" came in at #2 Most Added! Thanks to Rob for the tickets to see the secret (shhhh!) R.E.M. show at Avalon last week. I watched the show with many of my former I.R.S./A&M compadres (Mark Williams, Michael Plen, Jay Boberg, Tim Devine), just like seeing the band play the same venue 20 years prior. Happy memories managed to drown out intermittent thoughts of what-the-fuck-have-I-done-with-my-life. Those musings are best "saved" for the shrink’s office.

 Atlantic isn’t alarmed, or even remotely bothered that you have an extreme reaction to The Darkness’ "I Believe in a Thing Called Love." Love it, hate it, you’re going to play it. WPBZ, WZNE, WBUZ, WRAX and KHBZ were among the many who found their inner voice. And it was a falsetto, at that.

 When KTCL adds Jet and OutKast, you know these songs must be researching. We could’ve told them that months ago, but research always trumps intuition and passion, right?

 Speaking of research, early indicators are indicating huge hit potential for Hoobastank’s "Out of Control." Howie and Christine at Island landed WPLY, KROX and KCNL this week, while also turning many previous naysayers into potential yaysayers. That might not be a word, but then again, neither is "Hoobastank." MTV2 also added the video this week. Thank you.

We adore the new AFI single, "Silver & Cold," which DreamWorksRoss Zapin, Jeff Gillis and Matt Smith will make a SMASH until the lights are shut off, and the phones are pried from their icy grips…. SONG TO HEAR: Phantom Planet’s "Big Brat."

 PEOPLE TO WATCH: Iggy Pop (see The Stooges at ATP this weekend!), Ted Volk (new Coldplay adds at KTBZ, CIMX and WOCL!), Steve Blatter, Steve at WZNE, Gaby Skolnek (Happy Birthday 11/12!), Alan Smith, Ryan Patrick, Gene Sandbloom (as Siegfried) and Aaron Scott.

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