Vegas Gets Dirty, Totally Hits Hits Totally, Lavigne is Devine, but it’s Still Em’s Show
During a week when the music industry shut down to mourn its beloved leader, John Gotti, one superstar rapper has managed to persevere in the face of this tragedy, remaining as dominant on the charts as Mr. Gotti was in our lives. Of course, all will be revealed when this week’s chart sleeps with the fishes on Tuesday afternoon.

Basically, folks, it’s still Aftermath/Interscope’s Eminem’s world and no one else is close.

Of course, Em’s total domination notwithstanding, there are some other tales unfolding. Check out big debuts from Warner Strategic Marketing’s (yes, that’s the label) Totally Hits 2002, as well as Untouchable/Arista’s Donell Jones. Meanwhile, there’s a big buzz to go along with solid debuts this week from Capitol’s Dirty Vegas and their Mitsubishi-commercial music, and Arista’s Avril Lavigne—both of whom appear headed for Top 10 bows.

At Top 40, where they won’t have John Gotti to program to any more, look for a big first week for Arista’s Pink and Epic’s Celine Dion, whose ode to that nutty rodent Stuart Little is striking a chord with those nutty rodents who program your local hit radio station. Also, expect continued closeout for Capitol’s Kylie Minogue, Columbia’s John Mayer and Interscope’s Enrique.

Editors at HITS Post Modern, Crossover, Urban, Mix and Rock were en route to John Gotti’s funeral and unavailable to lie for this story.