Morris Makes Mincemeat of Marketshare Race

Doug Morris’ almighty Universal Music Group continues its historic run at 30% marketshare, driven by #1 and #2 labels Island Def Jam and Interscope Geffen A&M. UMG currently sports a whopping 29% share, up 1% from a month ago. That’s a healthy 11%-plus lead over #2 BMG at 17.6%, down .5%. Also down are WMG at 15%, Sony at 14.9% and EMI at 7.9%.

At the label level, top-ranked IDJ’s already-ferocious 2002 run continues, led by current chart-toppers Ashanti, Cam’ron, Musiq and, of course the Spider-Man soundtrack, which IDJ shares with Columbia. IDJ’s 9.3% now leads #2 IGA’s 8.5% by less than one point, IGA having just gotten a monumental boost from The Eminem Show, which has moved 2.25 million in two weeks. Last month, IDJ led IGA by over 1.5%.

Columbia and Epic are tied with 6.8% apiece, with Marc Anthony and Celine Dion their Top 10 mainstays, respectively. But watch out for the new Korn, which will chart next week and contend for #1. Following the venerable Sony brands are Warner Bros. at 6.3% and Arista at 4.2%. #7 Universal/Motown and #8 Atlantic are neck-and-neck at 3.9% and 3.8%, while RCA Nashville and Virgin round out the Top 10 at 3.0% and 2.7%, respectively.

Those numbers sure are purdy, but with six more months to go in the calendar year, they’re sure to change some, too. Stay tuned.


UMG 29.1

BMG 17.6

WMG 15.0

SONY 14.9

EMI 7.9


1. IDJ 9.3

2. IGA 8.5

3. Columbia 6.8

3. Epic 6.8

5. Warner Bros. 6.3

6. Arista 4.2

7. Universal/Motown 3.9

8. Atlantic 3.8

9. RCA Nashville 3.0

10. Virgin 2.7