Band, Management, Label Score
With Concert Simulcast, Party
By Shirley Halperin

NEW YORK — Slated for release today (6/11) are new albums by David Bowie, Papa Roach and New Found Glory, but in New York last night, it seemed the only record coming out was Korn's long-anticipated Untouchables.

The band touched down days ago, making the requisite bows at WXRK's Dysfunctional Family Picnic on Saturday and MTV's TRL on Monday afternoon. But it was walking down the red carpet, playing host to their own record release celebration at the Hammerstein Ballroom last night, where Korn really ruled proving, yet again, why they can truly claim to be leaders.

The party's location, previously kept a not-so-well guarded secret, was announced the day of show by radio stations within driving distance, and over 500 winners were bussed in from points as far south as Washington D.C and as far north as Boston.

Also in attendance were a dozen or so celebrity friends/supporters of the band including members of Disturbed, porn star Jenna Jamieson, Sports Illustrated model Audrey Kwok, and magician David Copperfield. Whizzing by the arrivals line were some seemingly camera-shy radio personalities as well including WXRK's Booker (walking hand in hand with J. Lo sibling, Linda Lopez) and sometime VH1 guy Cane.

Logistically, documenting this show was quite a feat as crews from Korn's private camp (responsible for simulcasting the event to theaters nationwide) and MTV both had to lobby for position. But a cool Dave Sirulnik seemed to have things under control.

Certainly anyone working for Epic must have felt a surge of pride last night. Representing were Michele Anthony, Dave Glew, Polly Anthony and Michelle Schweitzer, all seated together in an area cordoned off by yellow "caution" tape. Playing host to that power row was The Firm's Peter Katsis. As for me, I was hanging with my new buddy, Matty from WHFS, and helping him cajole the Korn guys over to us.