Marketing and Distribution Agreement Will Generate More Exposure for MP3 Creators

Vivendi Universal Publishing and eJay AG Wednesday (10/3) announced a three-year marketing and distribution agreement for the U.S. and Canada. Under the terms of the contract, Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing North America gains the exclusive rights to market and distribute eJay's interactive music software, while eJay, a German-based supplier of music entertainment software, retains responsibility for product development.

Titles launching as part of the agreement include a full range of music creation and MP3 products, allowing consumers to convert, generate and manage MP3 music files—which, after the industry’s long, hard fight with Napster, is what Universal Music really wants consumers to do.

"Interactive music is a thriving category in the entertainment software business, and eJay has already established a loyal following in the market," said Philip W. O'Neil, Senior VP Sales at VUIPNA. "We believe consumers across North America will respond favorably to eJay's high-quality interactive music generation and management software. And the kids will like us because we’ll make trading MP3s with their friends easier!"

"Vivendi Universal Publishing's strong market position will enable us to expose our products to a much broader consumer base," said eJay Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Rainer Zipp. "In 1999 and 2000, we already had bestsellers in the U.S., but as a result of this new relationship with Vivendi Universal, we expect an even greater increase in the North American music software market. Say, do you want a copy of the MP3 I ripped of that new Britney song?"