"It might have surprised some people, but he’s always been huge for us, and it fulfilled our expectations on every level."
—Alan Skolnik, The Wiz


Jive Crooner Lands On Top Over Outkast, With blink-182 Bowing In Top 10
Why's everyone so surprised? It's not like he didn't have a sales base.

"It might have surprised some people, but he's always been huge for us, and it fulfilled our expectations on every level," said Alan Skolnik of The Wiz, who was talking about Jive's R Kelly—although some people in Florida thought he was talking about Pat Buchanan.

Indeed, Kelly's monster #1 debut for his new album, "TP-2.com," proved to be the big action of the week, though MCA's blink-182 also made news with a #6 bow for its live album, "The Mark, Tom & Travis Show."

"Any time a live record can crack the Top 10, it's impressive," said Skolnik who originally said "Top 20," but that figure was revised after a recount.

The Top Five had three albums in their second week of release—LaFace/Arista hip-hop duo Outkast at #2, Roc-A-Fella/IDJ rapper Jay-Z at #4 and Interscope's U2 at #5. Flip/Interscope's Limp Bizkit was #3.

Also cracking the Top 20 was Arista Nashville's Alan Jackson, who debuted at #19. The fact that Jackson "cracked" the Top 20 and George W. Bush is rumored to have smoked "crack" was not lost on Florida's Secretary of State who, despite being a paid official of the Bush campaign, is still impartial, fair and non-partisan.

Now, let's talk about next week's chart. Beatles, Offspring, Ricky Martin, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Sade, Marilyn Manson, Keith Sweat, Prodigy of Mobb Deep and more! Looks like a case of ballot-stuffing to us.

Each one of these will chart next week, except in Florida, where Pat Buchanan will chart in their place. God bless America.