Or At Least Makes It To The Main Page
Music media company GetMusic has announced that it is partnering with AOL in a content agreement. Under the deal, the BMG and Universal-funded GetMusic will become a part of AOL's Music Channel. It will be featured on the channel's main page as well. Additionally, GetMusic will provide streaming video as part of the AOL PLUS multimedia option. The deal will go into effect before the end of the month.

Though the content partnership seems innocent enough, what makes the deal interesting, and perhaps surprising, is the underlying fact that GetMusic is financed by two competitors of AOL merger partner to be Time Warner. But, hey in this crazy dot-com world anybody can get in bed with anybody. Isn't that the point of file-swapping?

"This relationship provides us with a tremendous opportunity to introduce our brand and content to millions of potential new customers," said GetMusic Sr. VP of Business Development, Jay Dubiner. "Though I don't think this counts towards the FTC's demand that AOL open up to its competitors."