There is very little reciprocity between radio and labels/managers, with the former still hiding behind the mirage of “compliance,” M-Scores, call-out, or whatever excuse the wheel lands on during a promotion call.


This Week's Events Provided Us With a Bold Reminder That What We Do Is Not Who We Are
Reading the Facebook status updates and emails from colleagues on the East Coast, many of whom have sustained significant damage to their houses from fallen trees, or are still without power and water, or have been staring a dangling crane perilously close to their apartment, is a bold reminder that what we do is not who we are. In the past, when the music business was booming and we were young and naïve enough to believe our opinions mattered, our careers defined us. I was Karen at A&M, then Karen at HITS, and my self-worth was based on where I worked and my job title (which has always been far more impressive than the actual job, said the President of her desk and the contents beneath). Now, as the business has shrunk and the validity/marketability/financial stability of the Modern Rock format is called into question every day (is there an FM Sports for Dummies book I can read?), there’s a sense of panic that’s permeating every conversation. There is very little reciprocity between radio and labels/managers, with the former still hiding behind the mirage of “compliance,” M-Scores, call-out, or whatever excuse the wheel lands on during a promotion call. If you’re good at what you do, all of that, while frustrating, is manageable, and is part of the mental and emotional costs of the job. And since we’re more than our jobs, it isn’t necessarily a reflection of our value (or so I keep telling myself). What I can’t abide by, although often overruled, is the notion of rewarding bad behavior. If someone is thought of as an irrational lunatic, with a deeply spiteful streak, making demands based on no discernible merit (except that spins on the station count towards the chart), then why do labels roll over? (Don’t take me literally, I’m referring to an archetype—or, if you choose, pick the “lunatic du jour.”) I understand that the “lunatic’s” reality becomes OUR reality, and that we can explain it as yet another cost of doing business, but it’s antithetical to how I choose to work… Leave it to Joe Guzik to assemble an old-school hang before Redbull Records’ new signing Heaven’s Basement’s first L.A. gig, opening for The Darkness at Club Nokia. I had forgotten how much fun a label dinner can be, and it was a great night all around. Heaven’s Basement was fantastic, and my love and affection for The Darkness remains boundless. If I were programming your station, I’d be embracing the swagger, attitude and joie de vivre of The Darkness. To hell with their stadium success overseas—they’d be my house band! Well, The Darkness and Divine Fits, my other favorite band with swagger and hit songs (ask KKDO about “Would That Not Be Nice,” won’t you?)… As your call-out on The Lumineers’ “Ho Hey” continues to skyrocket, and as the song is on its way to becoming the first indie rock song in decades to be a huge pop hit, please notice that KNDD, the biggest Modern Rock cheerleader for the band, added “Stubborn Love” this week. Save a spot on your wall for a gold record (which, if you’ve noticed, always seem to come from indie labels these days)… With every bit of optimism I can muster that Tuesday’s election will be a ROMP for Obama, I’ve made evening plans to see Capitol’s Gold Fields, whose “Dark Again” is a spectacularly great single. Should be a fantastic evening on all fronts… Two of my all-time favorite duos, Matt and Kim and Tegan and Sara, are enjoying unprecedented radio success with their new singles: M&K’s “Let’s Go” and T&S’s “Closer.” Both groups have meaningful fanbases and can sell more tickets in your market than 90% of the bands on your playlist. It’s very exciting to see these songs get well-deserved attention from radio… Blondfire’s “Where the Kids Are” debuted at #33 this week. It’s the best song on the chart… SONG TO HEAR: Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love” (inescapable on LA radio!)… Wondering “whom” I’m ‘sposed to be: [email protected].
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