"More than a leader, she was a guiding light ... Intelligent, thoughtful, passionate, and fearless, she grew to be one of the great executives our business has
ever known."
——Former Epic Records Group Chairman Dave Glew


The Renowned Executive Formed Some Lasting Friendships and Earned Deep Respect During
Her Distinguished Career
Michele Anthony, incoming EVP, UMG: "Polly was a force of nature, a mentor to many women in the business and my best friend. We will all miss her deeply."

Steve Barnett, Chairman/CEO, Capitol Music Group: "I am terribly sad that Polly has left us so soon. She and I worked closely together and were friends for many years. Polly loved artists, and worked tirelessly and with such passion on their behalf. She will be greatly missed by all of us who knew her."

Joel Klaiman, EVP/GM, Columbia: "Polly was one of a kind. She was an incredible force of passion and determination with immeasurable class. She was a mentor and loyal friend to me and my family. Her grace and presence will be truly missed by all."

Charlie Walk, EVP, Republic Records: "I found Polly to be one the great competitors. You always felt her presence, passion and natural ability to compete at the highest level, but in the most elegant way. She leaves a permanent positive mark on our business and will be missed."

Tommy Mottola, former Chairman/CEO, Sony Music: "I was fortunate at the very beginning of my career to meet and work with Polly. She was like a hurricane and went from the head of promotion at Epic Records to the President. She was one of the best ever at promotion, and so passionate about music, artists and her team. Polly was one of a kind; she helped to build so many of the artists who are now superstars today. There will NEVER, EVER be another Polly Anthony. I loved her and I will forever miss her!"

Dave Glew, former Chairman, Epic Records Group: "Today we share a deep sorrow with so many. Polly was more than a friend or colleague. She was family. More than a leader, she was a guiding light to all at Epic and Sony Music. Intelligent, thoughtful, passionate, and fearless, she grew to be one of the great executives our business has ever known. Her love for music, artists and her team was an inspiration to all. Polly was blessed with many unique qualities, and she shared them freely. If you were fortunate enough to cross paths with Polly, you never walked alone. Ann and I cherished her friendship, and will honor her memory."

Rick Bisceglia, industry veteran: "Polly and I first met as competitors. She was at Epic, I was with Arista. But through those years we developed a very strong and solid friendship as well. She was one of a kind. Her way with people was unmatched. She was smart, had an incredible sense of humor, was genuine and down to earth. Polly is one of the greatest friends I will ever have. Peace."

Scott Wright, former national promo exec under Polly, now industry sommelier: "She may have been off my daily radar for many years, but she was always on my mind. Her influence is ever-present. She was a charismatic and determined leader, and an absolute force of nature. My few years at Epic in the early ’90s were an amazing ride. We had more fun than is allowed by law in many states. R.I.P., Polly, and ‘Please Jam’."

Doug McVehil, SVP Content and Programming, VEVO: "So sad to hear the news of Polly Anthony's passing. She was a great leader who believed in me and taught me so much. I can unequivocally say she played a huge part in getting me where I am today, and I will be forever grateful."

Irving Azoff, Chairman/CEO, Azoff MSG Entertainment: "Polly’s old-school passion, new-world charm and intelligence were a rare combination in our business. She was everything good about what it was to grow up in the music business."

Diane Warren, songwriter: "The music business has lost a trailblazer and fierce believer in artists, many of whom owe their careers to the passion and belief she had in them. Still others lost someone they respected and enjoyed talking to or working with. And others, like me, have lost someone who was the best friend they could ever have, or will ever have in their lives and was like family, so in that way I have lost my sister today. My heart breaks for her family and those of us close to her. Anyone who ever knew Polly knows there will never be anyone like her again."

Jimmy Iovine, Chairman, Interscope Geffen A&M: "After admiring Polly for her winning years at Sony, I was lucky enough to convince her to come work with us. Her sense of humor combined with her talent and willingness to compete make the time we worked together really special to me."

David Massey, President, Island Records: “I knew and loved Polly Anthony. We were close colleagues but really great friends. She brought her brilliance to the business, of course, but also a charisma and glamour which were uniquely hers. She was invariably the bravest person in the room and knew no fear, even in encountering what tragically turned out to be her very premature death sentence. She was a complete role model to women in the business. Everyone wanted to rise from assistant all the way to president, and she did just that with great dignity, wisdom and a wry sense of humor. It will be impossible for many of us ever to forget the unique personality that was our much-loved Polly.”

Richard Griffiths, Modest Management: "Polly… Colleague, rival, friend… Determined, charming, sexy, ruthless, fun. I loved her dearly as a friend and have only wonderful memories of the time we shared together."

Kelly Curtis, Pearl Jam Manager: “My best memory of Polly Anthony is when we brought her the new album in 2002, Riot Act. We have been known to be a challenge from time to time, and at that time we wanted the song ‘Save You’ to be the first single off the album. The song had, like, 20 ‘fucks’ in it. I thought to myself, big record company battle coming. But she didn't bat an eye. ‘Of course,’ she said. ‘It's a great song and it makes perfect sense.’ Somehow she got it on the radio and we had a moderate hit. I couldn't believe we got away with it.”

Lori Lambert, L3 Entertainment: "The world for so many of us will never be the same. I learned to see business and life (and the new collection at Bergdorf's shoe department) though Polly's extremely realistic lens. It was always sharply focused and thoughtful, and often hilariously funny. She called me her ‘little ball of fire,’ and she was my best friend and big sister too. I will love her forever for her generosity, her rationality, her support and wisdom, and for the greatest gift of all—her trust."


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