(UPDATE) Tyler Childers' moment continues as "In Your Love" (RCA) lands at #82 on the U.S. Spotify chart, #59 on Apple Music and #15 at iTunes.

Meanwhile, the accompanying video, uploaded to YouTube on Thursday (7/27), has racked up more than 1.2m views.

RCA's Tyler Childers is having a moment. Since Thursday morning (7/27), the YouTube video for "In Your Love" has amassed more than 238k views in less than 12 hours. Fans are calling it the anti-"Try That In A Small Town," the controversial Jason Aldean video that set the internet ablaze last week.

The concept centers around two male coal miners who fall in love but are chastised by their intolerant co-workers. In fact, one of them is physically assaulted for what is viewed as a "forbidden" love in their small community.

"Cause it's cold out there," Childers sings. "And you know some men search for ages/For the love that I have found/So I will stand my ground."

While the story itself is heavy yet soft in its delicate delivery, a clear message of tolerance rings loudly throughout the song. Compassion, love and patience are perhaps exactly what the doctor ordered. On that note, don't ask us what our doctors ordered for us. Watch the video below.