HiNOTE, a platform through which fans can request one-of-a-kind videos from their favorite artists, has teamed up with Wu-Tang Clan and De La Soul, who'll be using it on their upcoming tours. Thanks to strategic placement on Ticketmaster, HiNOTE videos will be available to fans when they buy tickets.

Per the company's FAQ, "It's easy! Find your favorite artist, request a song from the dropdown menu, fill out the request form and you'll receive your custom video within seven days! The videos are stripped-back, intimate messages and performances. Most of them are either acoustic, at a piano or even acapella. They include a verse and chorus of your requested song."

Artists have complete control over opt-in, how many videos they want to do per show and how much they'll cost.

Said Tyler Childs, who founded the service in 2020, “Since our launch, HiNOTE has been growing in popularity with both artists and fans. But we feel it will be a real game changer for touring artists who may not have the bandwidth for meet-and-greets before the show. And for fans, HiNOTE gives them a custom video they can share with their friends and family and on social media, which is far more meaningful than a quick photo backstage. Having Ticketmaster make it a seamless part of buying tickets makes it so easy for fans to take advantage of this cool new experience.” HiNOTE can be found on Ticketmaster's checkout page.

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