Are we not men? No we’re a film: The first fully authorized DEVO doc is currently in production. Warner Music Entertainment's Charlie Cohen and Rhino Entertainment’s Mark Pinkus are among the producers.

DEVO chronicles the band’s story from its formation in the aftermath of the Kent State massacre through its years as politically driven outsiders and into its surprising run up the charts with “Whip It.”

Using archival footage, interviews and a range of storytelling techniques, the film's narrative will parallel the revolutionary creativity for which the quintet is known.

Said director Chris Smith, “DEVO was a huge influence on me. Their approach to music, film, video and art was something I'd never seen before and was one of the truly formative artistic influences that showed me there were entirely new ways to look at things.”

WME, BMG and Fremantle Documentaries are financing and serving as executive producers of the film. VICE Studios and Library Films are producing in association with Mutato Entertainment. Worldwide rights are available.

We look forward to the return of the energy dome.