The Recording Industry's Music Performance Trust Fund (MPTF) has kicked off its 75th anniversary with plans to expand initiatives and increase funding for performances at thousands of community events and senior centers. Music in the Schools programs and scholarships are part of the celebration, too.

Primarily funded by Sony, UMG, WMG and Walt Disney Records, the MPTF has played a vital role in supporting the music industry’s gig economy. Since launching in 1948, it's distributed roughly $620m in sponsorship money while engaging members of the American Federation of Musicians to perform at free events across North America.

Partnering with businesses, chambers of commerce, arts councils, municipal government orgs and parks programs, the MPTF has supported thousands of events. Since the early days of the pandemic, it's also funded and facilitated over 1,500 free virtual events via Facebook. More than a million people attended MPTF-supported IRL and virtual events last year.

The MPTF will increase its support as the live sector continues to rebound from the pandemic, funding more than 3,500 events in 100+ markets in the U.S. and Canada, including $3.3m in grants and scholarships, in the upcoming calendar year. Moreover, it aims to fund more than 500 music-education programs through partnerships with organizations like Save the Music and Young Audiences Arts for Learning. A minimum of $150k will be awarded to students in the fall through two scholarship programs: Music Family Scholarships and the Music’s Future Scholarship.

Said trustee Daniel Beck, “As we launch our 75th anniversary and celebrate this major milestone, the MPTF continues to evolve and successfully navigate the impact of COVID on live music by developing new initiatives, partnering with businesses and organizations and streamlining operations while expanding the breadth of our programs across North America. This is our biggest grant budget in 20 years.”

In a joint statement, RIAA chairman/CEO Mitch Glazier and COO Michele Ballantyne said, "MPTF’s gift of free live music to communities all around the country changes lives. It reminds us that music has no boundaries and that we are all connected—from the bluegrass circles of Kentucky to hip-hop on Brooklyn street corners to the cozy jazz clubs of Montreal. RIAA members are honored to support this dynamic, living testament to the tapestry of American music."

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