At L.A.'s storied Troubadour, Big Loud boss Seth England tolerates the hackneyed gesturing of HITS SVP Simon Glickman, who cornered him for a photo op during HARDY's multi-venue presentation of songs from his killer new album, the mockingbird & THE CROW. Simon then demonstrated his deep familiarity with country music by quoting some Donna Fargo lyrics before requesting "a jeroboam of bourbon," at which point Seth discreetly fled.

HARDY and band delivered "side one" of the vibrant, hard-rocking country set at the Troub. All and sundry then boarded double-decker buses bound for the Roxy, where (before a capacity crowd that included several fellow artists), he performed the remainder of the album. Attendees sang along, con brio, with songs like "wait in the truck," "drink one for me," "KILL SH!T TILL I DIE" and chantey-esque anthem "THE REDNECK SONG." An afterparty at the legendary Rainbow next door ensued, where everyone was terrorized by the ghosts of '80s pop-metal bands demanding more cocaine.