BTSRM is dominating the iTunes charts this Flipover Friday, while Metro Boomin is Top 5 in sales and streaming. And who’s snuck into the top slot at iTunes songs? Why, it’s Morgan Wallen. First things first, though.

The debut solo album from RM, Indigo (Bighit), featuring collabs with Erykah Badu, Anderson .Paak and others, tops the iTunes albums chart and sits in the Top 30 at Apple Music. The songs from Indigo fill slots two through 11, leading with “Wild Flower.”

At #1 at iTunes songs is Wallen’s “One Thing at a Time” (Big Loud/Mercury/ Republic), from his new, three-song sampler. “Tennessee Fan” is #12 and “Days That End in Why” occupies #18.

Metro Boomin’s second installment in a planned trilogy, Heroes & Villains (Boominati/Republic), is #5 at iTunes and #2 at Apple Music. The only other new arrival in the Top 20 on both charts is Arcangel’s Sr. Santos (Rimas).

Cody Johnson’s Cody Johnson & the Rockin’ CJB Live (Warner Nashville) is the final new arrival in the Top 10 at iTunes today; it’s #7.

Under ordinary circumstances, Christmas music would be packing the Top 20 at iTunes, but the death of Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie on 11/30 has resulted in three FM albums ascending into the Top 10 and two of her Mac songs, “Songbird” and “Everywhere,” rising into the Top 20.