Back in June we let you know that Lauren Spencer Smith had signed a global deal with Warner Chappell Music. Now, the WCM brass has made it official, and we are duty-bound to share the glowing quotes therein.

“Lauren is well on her way to becoming the voice of her generation,” reads a proclamation from WCM SVP, A&R, Katy Wolaver. “Her music is filled with relatable and unfiltered lyrics as well as stunning vocals, and she has this natural star power that all of us at Warner Chappell believe in.”

SVP, A&R and Venture Partners, Rich Christina chimed in with “Lauren is one of the most extraordinary young singer-songwriters in pop music today, a one-of-a-kind talent with a long, bright future.”

Spencer-Smith offered an explanation for her signing with WCM: “Since I first met with Guy Moot, Rich Christina and Katy Wolaver, they understood my artistic vision, appreciated my artistry and most importantly, felt like family. And I fervently hope they won't make me talk to those idiots at HITS.”

Astute readers will note that Spencer Smith has dispensed with the hyphen that previously appeared in her name. We're told the punctuation mark will be sold as a collectible NFT.