An array of bizniks are part of a $3 million round of funding for a new AI-driven dealmaking platform designed to simplify contracts and other legal documents and provide educational tools for creators.

A core concept of Creative Intell is a networked dealmaking process, in which deals can be negotiated—securely and in real time—on a shared platform by all parties.

Every aspect of the industry has been addressed—and significantly democratized—by technology, the platform’s representatives point out, except the crucial but traditionally opaque area of dealmaking.

“As an entertainment attorney,” says co-founder and music attorney David Fritz, “I see first-hand the pain points that creators, managers and lawyers experience on a day-to-day basis. We are the first to apply AI to solve these issues, and are uniquely positioned to develop the tools that we know the industry needs and wants.”

Adds fellow co-founder Steven Ship, “For too long, artists have been left in the dark about how their deals are structured and function. It doesn’t need to be this way. All artists should have access to tools that help them understand the deals they are making.”

So, who’s in? Well, to name a few: Austin Rosen (Electric Feel Ventures, and co-management for Post Malone), Mac and Robert Reynolds (management, The Killers, Imagine Dragons), Rimas Entertainment (label and management, Bad Bunny), Lucas Keller (Milk & Honey Music + Sports, talent management), Barry Weiss (RECORDS) and Dina LaPolt (founder, LaPolt Law).

LaPolt says the platform “will be a game changer for the music industry. From a legal perspective, it’s comprehensive and incredibly effective. I fully expect to be using this every day to run our business more efficiently.”

To find out more, visit creativeintell.com.