Bizarrap (BZRP), known as Biza to fans, has taken over Latin music with his BZRP Music Sessions. What started as freestyle clips uploaded to YouTube has led to multiple heaters this year. The latest, "Music Sessions #52" (DALE Play/ Orchard) with Spaniard Quevedo, is #1 on Spotify global.

The Argentine producer's outings, a blend of EDM, Latin trap and hip-hop, have included collaborations with myriad MCs from the global Latin music community, from indie sensation Snow the Product to Grammy champ Residente. The latter's session, with its viral dis of J. Balvin, launched the BZRP series into the mainstream.

Since gaining notoriety, Biza has climbed the charts with each subsequent installation. Session #23 with countryman Paulo Londra reached #2 on Spotify's global chart in April and topped the Spot in more than a dozen territories.

Check "Music Sessions #52" below.