Amid the recording of audio for a Star Wars game at the legendary Abbey Road studios, these folks paused to celebrate the great engineer/mixer Alan Meyerson’s 64th birthday, which occurred as he was working his magic on the very console that captured The Beatles’ “When I’m 64.” This explains the birthday cake, a painstaking replica of the mixing desk, though the Marilyn Monroe impersonator is slightly more mysterious. (Yes, we know Marilyn's is one of the many visages on the cover of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, home to "When I'm 64," but still... ). In any case, we’re told that upon tasting the cake, Alan asked for the frosting to be tuned up half a dB. Seen awaiting the Savoy Truffle are (l-r) Brigitte Bedi-Schnur, actress Patricia Heaton, director David Hunt, conductor Gavin Greenway, Lucas FilmsDouglas Reilly, composer Gordy Haab, EA Music boss Steve Schnur, Meyerson, Marilyn and the cake.