Sandbox Entertainment’s Jason Owen and Sony Music Entertainment’s Premium Content Division are going into the film and TV business together.

Owen's Sandbox Productions and SME will collaborate on content including a June Carter Cash documentary. Using previously unheard interviews with Cash family members and archival footage, the film will trace June Carter’s roots and showcase her incredible trajectory to country-music superstardom.

Sandbox and SME have already partnered on LOVE, TOM, narrated over the course of a single night in Nashville by songwriter Tom Douglas, streaming now on Paramount+.

Sandbox Productions will collaborate with talent to provide creative direction; SME’s Premium Content Division will lend distribution and financing.

Tom Mackay and his team at SME share our enthusiasm and passion for big-picture thinking and value the importance of creating content for all audiences,” said Sandbox President and CEO Owen.

Contacted on the 15th hole at Riviera, SME Premium Content President Mackay said, “Jason is at the forefront of storytelling in Nashville and his relationships across the entire entertainment industry make him an incredible partner. Also, did I leave my four-iron in the clubhouse?”