Range Media Partners have joined forces with sci-fi/fantasy publisher Heavy Metal and Oscar-nominated/Emmy-winning filmmaker Joe Berlinger to create Classick Club, a blockchain, NFT and Web3 company bringing classic rock to the metaverse.

The platform—which will allow fans to connect with artists via digital and IRL experiences—features customizable avatars that can interact with a world based on rock’s iconic venues and other significant locales. Users will also be able to build and exhibit collections of NFTs purchased from a marketplace or earned in-game.

Powered by the Our Time Token (launching later this year), Classick Club will tease its first video in March.

Said Berlinger, “Being able to take music storytelling and fan engagement to the next level through Classick Club’s focus on the intersection of NFTs, collectibles and the metaverse is a storyteller’s dream.”

In addition to Berlinger, Classick Club’s founding partners include Guitar Hero licensing architect David Iscove, Range Media’s Michael Cooper, Heavy Metal CEO Matthew Medney and President Tommy Coriale and crypto investor/Artefy founder Marshall Lees. The leadership team is supported by RMP and Heavy Metal personnel and resources.

“The spirit, attitude and expression of rock ’n’ roll is unlike anything else,” said the founders in a joint statement. “Crossing race, age, culture and country, the genre is a symbol of unity. Classick Club is here to manifest that belief system in the new blockchain, metaverse and Web3 world.”