The artist formerly known as Kanye West wants to rename Black History Month. “God uses me as a vessel—we declare Black Future Month,” Ye proclaimed to 50 invited Black journalists during a Sunday brunch he’d organized with Jason Lee, creator of the celebrity-gossip site Hollywood Unlocked. “The future—not the past. This is the future. There is no looking backwards—only forwards.”

Billed as the Future Brunch, the gathering, which took place at an undisclosed “intimate space” in L.A., showcased a video made by Ye and was followed by a town hall discussion hosted by Lee and Michelle Mitchell, Strategic Communities Program Manager, Media Partnerships, at Meta, formerly known as Facebook, Inc.

Topics included the importance of reclaiming the narrative and elevating the culture, desegregation in the media, the importance of equity and having a seat at the table and redefining Black stories and humanizing their portrayal in the media.

A performance by Ye’s Sunday Service followed.

Photos by Hesham Abdo aka ShotBySham