As chatter about hot unsigned artists Lauren Spencer-Smith and Muni Long increases in volume, complications are said to persist in both deals.

Both artists have singles that continue to perform like hit records, but there is much conversation about the price of poker.

Complaints from some corners of the biz allege that there’s been a noticeable gap in communication from Spencer-Smith manager/attorney David Ehrlich—raising the question of when he was last the lead on a deal of this magnitude.

We’re told Ehrlich has yet to convey what he’s looking for—there’s been no ask so far. According to some in the loop, he knows people are nonplussed by his lack of consistent communication, but sources close to him claim he has a secret plan that will make perfect sense when all is revealed.

In the case of Muni Long, insiders say her team—led by Chris Anokute and Rashad Tyler—has yet to come up with a number that makes people want to jump all the way in, as attorney Scott Fletcher works to flesh out a pact with potential suitors. We hear one of the new teams among the majors is currently in the lead and close to a deal.

How will these fascinating negotiations shake out? Stay tuned.