Coachella is launching an NFT collection that includes 10 lifetime passes, to be auctioned off 2/4 at 10am PT.

Each pass, called a "key," includes a lifetime of two annual festival passes for one weekend, as well as unique on-site experiences. Most of the keys offer perks like exclusive viewing areas, VIP access, a dedicated entrance and air-conditioned restrooms.

A few options:

Key to the Safari, affording lifetime Safari Camping accommodations for one weekend each year, a furnished, air-conditioned tent, private restrooms and showers and concierge service

Infinity Key, promising the ability to view a performance from the Front of the House of the Coachella Stage, a meal in the Rose Garden cooked by a celebrity chef, $500 yearly food & beverage vouchers and private transportation all weekend

Key to the Secret Party, providing a two-hour private event for 50 guests with an open bar, plus a special guest, at the 2022 festival

Key to the VIP Compound, granting eight additional festival passes and a private trailer in the VIP compound for weekend two of 2022

Coachella has partnered with FTX US for its NFT marketplace, which at launch will also offer, per the press release, a limited number of "digital renditions of an iconic Coachella poster" and "iconic festival photos and never-before-heard soundscapes."

A portion of proceeds from each item will be donated to charity. A royalty will support participating creators.

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