Graham Nash and India Arie have joined Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, David Crosby and other artists in requesting that their music be removed from Spotify.

Nash, who has a half-million monthly listeners on the platform, issued a statement saying, "Having heard the COVID disinformation spread by Joe Rogan on Spotify, I completely agree with and support my friend Neil Young, and I am requesting that my solo recordings be removed from the service. There is a difference between being open to varying viewpoints on a matter and knowingly spreading false information that some 270 medical professionals have decried as not only false but dangerous. Likewise, there is a difference between misinformation, in which one is unaware that what is being said is false, versus disinformation, which is knowingly false and intended to mislead and sway public opinion. The opinions publicized by Rogan are so dishonest and unsupported by solid facts that Spotify becomes an enabler in a way that costs people their lives."

Arie's objections to Spotify went beyond Rogan. In a string of tweets that began with her thanking Neil Young for his action, she explained, “It still comes down to artists not being respected. Many stay silent out of fear. But MANY of us, especially Black musicians, aren’t respected anyway. Speaking up feels better.”

She also wrote: “The music industry is abusive. sexist. racist. ageist ~ AMPLIFIED and UNCHECKED. THIS is not an opinion. THIS IS WISDOM. this streaming model is but ONE area that needs to be torn down and rebuilt with RESPECT for the artists AT THE FORE! I’ve been VOCAL about my UTTER distaste for the music industry ~ but no one really cared to listen. Until recently ~ Today I feel hopeful that this is a HUGE step in the direction of actually RESPECTING artists. SO. MANY. OF US deserve better! PERIOD.”

Arie has 1.4m monthly listeners on Spotify.